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Mechanical Training Equipment

Educational CNC Lathe Machine Trainer Teaching Equipment Mechanical Experiment Equipment

Item No.: SR202
Educational CNC Lathe Machine Trainer Teaching Equipment Mechanical Experiment Equipment
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SR202 Educational CNC Lathe Machine Trainer Teaching Equipment Mechanical Experiment Equipment

I. Introduction
Machine feature:
1. This machine is equipped with Guangshu CNC system, and it can also be equipped with other CNC system according to customer need, such as Siemens. 
2. This machine is of high accuracy, it is equipped with protective cover and cooling system. It can turning various rotating surface automatically, such as cylndrical surface, circular conical surface, special-shaped surface and so on. Moreover, it can carry out processing of lathe thread, bore and ream. It is of high efficiency and strong applicability. 
3. The guide rail of lathe body carry on accurately grinding after quenching by superaudio, so it is of high hardness, good rigidity. Its lathe head, guide rail, saddle and carriage are thick. 
4. Saddle is dealt with plastic coated technology, so it can reduce abrasion of lathe guide rail and avoid creeping phenomenon. It is of high accuracy and long work life. Ball screw adopts integral internal recycling lead screw. It is equipped with opposite angle contacting ball bearing for bearing and beforehand fastening. Guide rail, lead screw and so on adopt centralization lubrication, so it has features of flexible movement, less thermal deformation and stable accuracy. 

5. It is equipped with electronic handwheel and electric tool carrier of 4 stations. It adopts accurate fluted disc for positioning, so its repeated positioning accuracy is high. 
6. Mini CNC lathe is equipped with Guangshu CNC system, Guangshu is a new generation of cost-effective production, it adopts advanced open architecture, built-in flushbonading industrial PC, it is equipped with 5.7” color LCD and tool path analog display. It support U disc and USB port, it uses new panel, it is equipped with emergency stop, band switch and three-position control switch, so its reliability is higher, appearance is more beautiful and operation is easier.
7. It has a beautiful appearance, a good man-machine operating interface and easy operation. 
8. Main processing materials are: iron, copper, aluminum and other nonferrous materials
Applicable industries: small parts manufacturing of hardware processing plants, scientific researching development of companies and colleges, first plate production, CNC technology teaching and training of colleges or vocational colleges.