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Mechanical Training Equipment

Bulldozer Training Equipment Teaching Equipment Bulldozers Training Equipment

Item No.: SSMT107
Bulldozer Training Equipment Teaching Equipment Bulldozers Training Equipment
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SSMT107 Bulldozer Training Equipment Teaching Equipment Bulldozers Training Equipment

I. Experiment project 
1.Hydraulic drive all the components structure and working principle, can tear open outfit experiment. 
2.Hydraulic mining machinery demonstration control experiment. 
3.PLC software simulation demonstration and control experiment. 
4. Programmable controller (PLC) electric control experiment: mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integrated control experiment.
II. Experiment content 
1.Hydraulic transmission components and structure work principle and disassembly experiment.
2.Hydraulic bulldozer demonstration experiment.
3.PLC software and control experiment.
4.PLC electrical control-mechanical-electrical-hydraulic-mechatronics
5.Electro hydraulic proportional system fault detect experiment.
III.Performance and features 
1. Test bench, the cold rolled steel sheet (and after coating, anticorrosive processing) production, table structure, control operation at an organic whole. 
2. Electrical operation control for underneath type, hydraulic station placed in hydraulic station in the Lord. Compact structure, coordination, layout beautiful and easy, practical strong, for 4-6 people experiment. 
3. Mining machinery by physical scaling of all metal structure, experiment start hydraulic system according to the requirement of experiment mode to operate machinery for work. 
4. Mining machinery is according to the physical structure and scale down production and become, can truly reflect the mechanical actual working condition, so that the students can in the deep understanding of the mechanism of each component of the structure and working principle.