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Electrical Training Equipment

Bench for the Study of Inverters Didactic Equipment Electrical Laboratory Equipment

Item No.: ZE3182T
Bench for the Study of Inverters Didactic Equipment Electrical Laboratory Equipment
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   ZE3182T Bench for the Study of Inverters Didactic Equipment Electrical Laboratory Equipment

I. Product  
1.1 Overview
The training sets include a variety of types of thyristor typical application circuit units, through the related experiments, can be familiar with thyristor electrical characteristics, to master the control principle and control mode, raises the student the corresponding knowledge and skills, suitable for higher vocational colleges, higher technical, secondary vocational school and technical school related professional teaching and skill training evaluation.
1.2 Feature
(1) Training bench with aluminum column frame structure, the power supply built-in integrated installation, safe and convenient to use, is not easy to damage. 
(2) unit circuit hanging box configuration are complete, combination use, complete variety of critiquing the training content. 
(3) It can be set for an experiment subjects related units hang flexible increase or decrease in the box, in order to meet different user requirements. 
(4) Training platform has a good safety protection system.
II Character parameter
(1)  Input power: three phase, five wire, 380V±10% 50Hz
(2)  Dimension:1600mm×800mm×1800mm
(3) Whole capacity: <2.0KVA
(4) Weight: <100kg
(5) Work condition:
Environment temperature: -10℃~+40℃
Relative humidity: <85%(25℃)
3.1   Power control panel
The power control panel using aluminum alloy profile panel, enclosed body structure, and placed at the bottom of a connection as one. 
3.2   Training workbench 
Training workbench use aluminum structure. There are universal 4 wheels at the bottom of workbench, there are 2 breakers on wheel. The trainer can be moved or stop convenient . The workbench panel thick is 25mm high density substrate , there is high temperature high pressure anti-fire treatment process. It equip with three guide rail type drawer, 2 push and plug cabinet. The structure is sound and reliable, outlook is beautiful. 
3.3   Power box
(1)Three phases, five wires power input, it has been tested by leakage
breaker control, it has emergency stop button, you can cut off electricity
when emergency.  
(2)Control panel has two point type voltage meter, one current meter, one power meter, one non power meter. 
(3)It equipped with indicator, Europe power plug output, safety output sockets. 
(4)Inner AC 220V current output, DC 220V wound power, DC 0-220V continuous adjustable DC armature power, with short circuit protection function.

Bench for the study of inverters 0.5 kW mini: 
Bench allowing a study of the frequency converters according to the two control laws: an MLI control (U / f = cte); And with vector control The bench shall contain at least the following elements: 
. A pulse width modulator for studying the MLI technique for controlling frequency converters, which comprises comparing a selectable reference voltage (continuous variable, rectangular or sinusoidal) with a triangular voltage of frequency multiple to that of the frequency converter Reference voltage (form and amplitude), either a pulsed current with an adjustable duty cycle or an adjustable direct current or a sine current must be obtained. The module must have selectors to select the shape and amplitude of the reference voltage and vary the load parameters (R, L), 4 mm safety sockets and a clear diagram illustrating the connection diagrams 
. A power element based on IGBT transistors for three-phase machines with a minimum power of 0.5 kW, which can be operated as desired, with MLI control elements and vector control. It must contain at least:
 . A rectifier and a filter capacitor for obtaining a DC voltage; 
. A brake chopper integrated in the intermediate circuit and selectable; . LEDs to indicate the presence of voltage, overcurrent, overvoltage or undervoltage, temperature, ... 
. Measuring points for the output voltages and currents, the intermediate circuit and the control signals, which must be separated glacially from the power element and the control element, onto 4 mm safety sockets 
. A control element using the vector vector control technique to be connected to the power element already requested. It must have the following minimum characteristics: 
. PI controller for speed control,
 . Galvanic separation from the power element, . Internal or external analog control of the setpoint value for the rotational speed,
 . Input and output for speed sensor (incremental type or encoder), 
. Programmable analog and digital outputs and inputs, 
. At least 1 relay outputs, 
Bench for the study of inverters 0.5 kW mini:
The modules of the bench must be delivered complete with:
. Specific cables for electrically connecting the control module with the power module,
. Specific connecting cables and cables with motor,
. Interfacing cable with PC;
. Connecting cables for motor,
. An asynchronous cage motor for vector control, equipped with an incremental encoder or encoder, of power suitable to the power element,