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Electrical Training Equipment

Basic Electric Training System Teaching Equipment Electrical Installation Lab

Item No.: ZE3134
Basic Electric Training System Teaching Equipment Electrical Installation Lab
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ZE3134 Basic Electric Training SystemTeaching Equipment Electrical Installation Lab

1 Product overview 
1.1 Overview
This trainer includes various electrical modules. With related experiment, you can be familiar with characteristic of various electrical circuits, and you can master its control principle and way, it trains students to master corresponding knowledge and skills, it is suitable for higher vocational education, college, secondary vocational school and technician training school to conduct related major teaching and skills training test.
1.2 Feature
(1) Workbench frame type structure, column with steel pipe spraying, aluminum alloy fixed beam, can be fixed on desktop.
(2) The module is clean, modules can combination and do many experiment.  
(3) The trainer has good safety protection system.
2. Performance parameter
(1)  Input power: single phase three wire system 220V±10% 50Hz
(2)  Dimension: 1200mm×400mm×700mm
(3)  Completer machine capacity: <1.5KVA
(4)  Weight: <50kg
(5)  Operating condition: 
l   Environment temperature -10℃~+40℃
2  Relative humidity <85%(25℃)

   3. Product formation
3.1   Hanging box frame
Column on both sides made of 20*40mm steel pipe, its surface deal with spraying plastics, module fixed beam made of special aluminum alloy.
3.2   Module hanging box
(a). It was assembled with special aluminum, hanging box unified height is 297mm, which is the same size with A4 paper, different module can be used in any combination.
(b). Component symbol and classic circuit diagram are marked clearly on face plate of hanging box, which make installation be clearly visible.
II. Experiment content
1.The characteristic of reduction of voltage experiment
2.The half-wave rectifying circuit experiment
3.The full-wave rectification experiment
4.Measurement of DC current electrical parameter
5.Characteristic of RC filtering
6.Characteristic of capacitor filtering
7.Experiment of variable load
III.Component list
1.Single-phase transformer module
2. Fuse protector module
3. Rheostat module
4. Load module
5. Rectifier module
6. Ampere-voltage meter module