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Electrical Training Equipment

Training Bench for Electrical Installation Vocational Training Equipment Electrician Trainer

Item No.: ZE2001
Training Bench for Electrical Installation Vocational Training Equipment Electrician Trainer
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   ZE2001 Training Bench for Electrical Installation Vocational Training Equipment Electrician Trainer

I.Equipment overview
"Series of maintenance electrician skill training device" is in order to adapt to the requirements of vocational education and practical training, the introduction of the German "dual system" education mode, in introducing and digesting and absorbing foreign advanced vocational training and teaching equipment, teaching equipment in strict accordance with the German standard (DIN) production the most close to the scene of the industrial electrician electric dragging training equipment.
"Series maintenance electrician technical training device", operation safety (multiple person, equipment safety protection), specification, use flexible, strong, durable, beautiful, modern sense. Special mould industrial profiles, scientific structure, beautiful shape, surface adopts imported Dutch spray powder blue gem processing and mesh plate, power box and mesa and tool cabinet today's mainstream technology - "silver blue world" (blue and silver are science and technology on behalf of the color).

Technical parameters
1. Input power: AC380V, 50Hz; Three - phase five-wire system
2. External dimension: 1600 x 800 x 1680mm (length x width x height)
3. Total capacity: less than 1.5 kVA
4. Power control: use automatic air switch to break power supply, with short circuit protection system, leakage protection system, grounding protection, emergency stop protection, etc
5. Ac power output: three-phase five-line ac 380V plus or minus 10% : safety sheath output
Single-phase three-line ac 220 + + 10% : safe sheath output and three-pole multi-function socket output
Dc stabilizer power supply: DC0 ~ 30V / 3A section is adjustable, adjust accuracy 0.1 V, have short circuit soft stop sound alarm and short circuit recovery function
7. Voltmeter: digital dc voltmeter 0 ~ 200V, accuracy 0.5
8.Current meter: digital dc current meter 0 ~ 6A, accuracy 0.5
IV.Equipment spare parts
Double faces training bench with 2 workstations
Each workstation is equipped by:
- 3ph 220/380V-50Hz (or 230/400V-50Hz) + N + Earth, 10/16A, on 5 safety sockets
- 1 single phase 12-24V AC, 4A, on safety socket
- 1 output 0-220V DC , 10A
- 1 single phase 10/16A
- 1 circuit for optical and acoustic verification
- high sensibility differential and magneto-thermal circuit breaker
- protection fuses
- emergency push button
- Perforated metallic grid for cabling
- equipped by power switch with key