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Hydraulic Training Workbench

PLC Controlled Pneumatic and Hydraulic Training Test Bench Educational Mechatronics Trainer Equipment

Item No.: ZMP2105H
ZMP2105H PLC Controlled Pneumatic and Hydraulic Training Test Bench Educational Mechatronics Trainer Equipment
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ZMP2105H PLC Controlled Pneumatic and Hydraulic Training Test Bench Educational Mechatronics Trainer Equipment
Using Allen Bradley (Rockwell Automation) PLC Flat-form
Power Supply: 220VAC, single Phase, 60Hz.
Brief introduction:
The experimental device uses double-sided structure, ie an experimental table provides places for doing pneumatic and hydraulic test experiment for two groups of four students. It can simultaneously do double-sided comprehensive pneumatic and hydraulic experiments, optimizing and sharing resources and improving products’ performance. Its overall structure is simple and practical.
The training equipment is iron double matte dense spray pattern, which is beautiful, durable and practical. The basic configuration is as following: 1 set of pneumatic training components; 1 set of pneumatic PLC control module; 1 piece of low noise air compressor; 1 set of hydraulic training components; 1 set of hydraulic PLC control module; 1 piece of hydraulic test pump. The optional configuration is the computer.
This training system uses a dedicated independent hydraulic test pump with variable speed DC motor system with oil pressure setting function. You can set safe working pressure of output oil pressure. With all common hydraulic components: Each hydraulic component is equipped with mounting plate, which can be easily and freely placed in the aluminum alloy hydraulic components on the panel (the panel with "T" slot in the form of aluminum alloy structure). Oil lap using quick-change connectors; convenient disconnect without leakage.
With this set of training equipment, you can do pneumatic control and hydraulic control circuit and its corresponding basic application experiments. It can also be integrated with each other to carry out the following experiment: realized pneumatic - electric control, pneumatic - hydraulic control, electric - fluid control, and pneumatic - electric - hydraulic integrated control.
Product Detail
Technical parameters of pneumatic part

    1. Pneumatic components
2. Main technical parameters:
2.1 Power: AC 220V 50HZ
2.2  DC power: input AC220V, output DC 24V/2A
2.3  Air compressor
2.4  Motor power: 250W  power: AC220V
2.5  Nominal capacity: 10L
2.6  Rated output voltage: 1Mpa
2.7  Training Equipment dimensions: 1500mm*900mm*1700mm
3.   Basic experimental Pneumatic circuit
3. single-acting cylinder commutation circuit
4. double-acting cylinder commutation circuit
5. single-acting cylinder speed control loop
6. double-acting cylinder-way flow control loop
7. double-acting cylinder bi-speed circuit
8. the speed loop for access
9. buffer circuit
10. the secondary pressure control loop
11. high and low voltage conversion circuit
12. counting loop

13. the delay loop
14. overload protection circuit
15. interlock circuit 1
16. single-cylinder reciprocating control loop
17. single-cylinder reciprocating continuous loop
18. linear cylinders, rotary cylinders loop sequence of actions
19. multi-cylinder sequence of actions loop
20. twin synchronized action loop
21. four-cylinder linkage loop
22. the unloading circuit
23. gate circuit type shuttle valve applications
24. quick exhaust valve application circuit