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Electrical Training Equipment

Basic Electronics Laboratory Vocational Training Equipment Electrical Installation Lab

Item No.: ZE3321
Basic Electronics Laboratory Vocational Training Equipment Electrical Installation Lab
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ZE3321 Basic Electronics Laboratory Vocational Training Equipment Electrical Installation Lab

I. Product  
1.1 Overview
The training sets include a variety of electronics experiments, raises the student the corresponding knowledge and skills, suitable for higher vocational colleges, higher technical, secondary vocational school and technical school related professional teaching and skill training evaluation.
1.2 Feature
(1) Training bench with aluminum column frame structure, the power supply built-in integrated installation, safe and convenient to use, is not easy to damage. 
(2) unit circuit hanging box configuration are complete, combination use, complete variety of critiquing the training content. 
(3) It can be set for an experiment subjects related units hang flexible increase or decrease in the box, in order to meet different user requirements. 
(4) Training platform has a good safety protection system.

II Character parameter
(1)  Input power: t single phase, three wires 220V±10% 50Hz
(2)  Dimension: 1600mm×400mm×950mm(frame type=desktop type)
(3) Whole capacity: <2.0KVA
(4) Weight: <150kg
(5) Work condition:
Environment temperature: -10℃~+40℃
Relative humidity: <85%(25℃)

3.1   Power control panel
The power control panel using aluminum alloy profile panel, enclosed body structure, and placed at the bottom of a connection as one. 
32  Power box
(1)Three phases, five wires power input, it has been tested by leakage breaker control, it has emergency stop button, you can cut off electricity when emergency.  
(2) Power box parameters: aluminum profile box, leakage protection circuit breaker, power indicator light, emergency stop switch, provide AC 220V output socket, DC fixed 5V, plus or minus 12V, DC 0-36V adjustable output, low voltage AC 6V, 12V output , DC voltmeter, DC ammeter
Diode experiment
1) Characteristics of the diode
2) Forward and reverse basis
3) Half-wave rectifier
4) Full wave rectifier
5) Bridge rectifier
6) Shearing
7) Clamping
8) Voltage doubler
Zener diode experiment
1) Characteristics of Zener diodes
2) Voltage stabilizer
3) Fixed Vi / Variable RL
4) Variable Vi / Fixed RL
Transistor experiment configuration
1) Common foundation
2) Common - Transmitter
3) Common - collectors
D.C bias
Fixed - bias circuit
Emitter - stable bias circuit (self-bias voltage) voltage - voltage divider bias effect
Field effect transistor (FET)
1) Characteristics of JFET
2) Characteristics of MOSFET PNPN devices
3) SCR
4) Shockley diode
5) Two-terminal AC switch
6) Triacs
Operational amplifier experiment
1) Inverting amplifier
2) Non-inverting amplifier
3) summing amplifier
4) Integral amplifier
5) Differential amplifier
6) Comparator amplifier
a - zero level detector b - non-zero level detector
Oscillator experiment
1) b is unstable.